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Restaurant Brighton's Post on - Family dinner at Taste Sussex


Taste Sussex a brilliant spot for kid-friendly foodies.

After a wild night of ten pin bowling, arcades, and general overstimulation, our little family was starting to get hangry. As we walked from the Hollywood Bowl, my little ones did the classic pull towards the golden arches, but today we had reservations at Taste Sussex.

I am the proud Mum of two wild boy creatures that eat their weight in food every day, have the attention span of goldfish, and need to be run like greyhounds regularly, or else they will literally climb the walls. I do mean literally, which has its challenges when trying to have a pleasant sit down dinner without it turning into Parkour! Thankfully we were headed to Taste Sussex, which has a wonderful open floor plan, roomie booths and upbeat music to drown out chatty toddlers, Peppa Pig toys, and tablets, should we need to whip them out.


We were greeted right away and sat in a huge booth. The table was large and perfect for drawing and colouring, while we read our menus and ordered drinks.

"The drinks menu is extensive and has something for everyone. Plenty of cocktails and spirits, as well as an excellent selection of wines. Phil Bartley, the owner of Taste Sussex and Great British Charcuterie, collaborates with Steve Pineau, owner of L’Atelier du Vin and his expert wine knowledge makes a great pairing when coming up with an impressive wine list."

Unsure of what I wanted, our lovely waiter recommended the Toffee Apple Daiquiri, their bartender’s own creation and Rich decided on an Old Fashioned. For the kiddo’s we ordered milk, which came with short straws, which any parent will know, is a total win (there’s nothing worse than trying to battle a toddler who wants to drink from their straw, which is 5 inches too long!)

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